How to scale your digital agency with white label solutions

The digital agency is one of the toughest business models to crack but can be extremely lucrative. To get started with digital agency business is easy and very often can be bootstrapped with proper knowledge in marketing, web design and sales skills.


However, from our experience running a marketing agency for the last 7 years, it’s a roller coaster experience because there are lots of uncertain sales, high turn over for marketing staff and difficult hiring for the right talent.


Before you consider starting a digital agency business, here are the most common pitfalls for a digital marketing agency for your consideration:


  1. Difficult to hire talent
  2. Low sales pipeline
  3. Low marketing performance
  4. Difficult cash flow management
  5. The long contract sales cycle


Hiring for the right talent is the most difficult challenge faced by the most digital agency. Hiring experts can break the bank, but hiring a junior require lots of training and actual campaign experience. Furthermore, with the high turn over for digital marketing talents are at a crazy rate, this makes digital marketing agency extremely difficult to scale.


What is depressing even more, marketing strategy changed every month with new feature and functionality rolled out every quarter. When this happened, marketers that are not flexible enough will have a really hard time to keep updated latest technology and strategy.


This is why at WhiteLabels.Agency, we founded this White label PPC agency to help digital agency scaled better with great performance, communications, and good flexibility to support the growing needs, all without having the issue to look for the right marketing talent.


With so many moving parts in Google Ads PPC, most agencies spend 80% of their effort just to stay updated with the latest trick and strategy and with our White Label PPC program, the client will be able to get not just the good performance, but also knowledgebase that we created to make sure PPC agency owners are able to provide sufficient information to educate for their clients.


With our white label PPC program, clients get full access to a team of PPC experts and one dedicated project manager to ensure campaigns are in good shape and updated with the latest results.


Aside from weekly reporting, we provide daily mini-updates where clients will be able to see how is the daily performance such as cost per click, cost per acquisition, and the return of ad spend. Not just that, the client gets a weekly brainstorming session with our head of operation and performance manager to identify what is the next strategy for the client, so agency partners will be able to communicate this with their respective client.