BK8 – Trusted casino in malaysia

BK8 – the trusted online casino Malaysia

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BK8 is one of the biggest online casino brands in Asia. Our site is reputable enough to attract over a million players in Asia, not to mention other parts of the world. BK8 features in the top list of the most trusted online casinos in Malaysia. As such, it is a site many prefer playing their casino games. Besides, the games available are overwhelming. You can choose between classic slots, table games, and even card games like poker.

BK8 holds a Curacao gaming license. As such, its operations are regulated to ensure that they adhere to the rules established. Also, the licensing body ensures players get their dues in time. This is the best thing about playing on a licensed site. Generally, BK8 offers an impeccable gaming experience, explaining why it’s the trusted online casino Malaysia. 

About BK8

BK8 is an all-in-one online gambling site offering a wide range of gaming options. There is a sportsbook, live casino, and online casino games such as slots, baccarat, and poker. Every game bears some unique features making the play magnificent. BK8 is based in Malta, Europe, and strives to fully integrate its website with hi-tech technology.

The site is geared towards providing the most extensive player options in Asia. This provides a stress-free gaming environment. What is more, the BK8 website is accessible via both desktop computers and handheld devices like smartphones and tablets. As such, you can play any game even while on the go. Notably, BK8 team members are innovative enough to bring on board all the latest games. These games are available in instant-play, and therefore no downloads are required. 

BK8 has managed to secure various awards. In 2015, it managed to grab the Site of the year Award shortly after going live. In 2016, BK8 was featured in the top 3 list of the most trusted online casinos in Asia. BK8 continued to show positive progress, and in 2017, it was the best online casino in Asia. With such a spirit, the BK8 site continues to be the trusted online casino Malaysia.

Available games 

The game selection at BK8 is quite overwhelming. There is more than any player would exhaust. No wonder the site is a player favorite in Asia. BK8 partners with the best game developers to bring you the best games in the market. Suppliers like Microgaming, Play N’Go, Asia Gaming, and Pragmatic play are just a few of the game providers at BK8. Here are the different game varieties available on the site:


If you a slot lover, then you are in for a treat once you register at BK8. There is a wide slot selection on the site, bearing over a thousand titles. These games are organized according to their respective providers, thereby making it easy to find your favorites. Besides, you’ll occasionally find grand jackpots where you can easily grow your bankroll if you are lucky enough.

Fishing games

BK8 offers at least five fishing games from the industry giants like Spadegaming and Playtech. These games include SG Fishing and SG Fishing War from Spadegaming, Fishermen Gold from SA Gaming, Cash Fish from Playtech, and Fishing World from GG Gaming. If you don’t have any experience in these games, BK8 offers you a demo version for each game. This will help you get around the gaming environment and practice for a real gameplay. When ready, you can now start your hunt for real cash.


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The Situation in Thailand for Casinos and the Latest Crackdowns

Thailand Casino Crackdown

Why are Thailand’s government cracking down on casino operators?

There have been rumblings of concern in Thailand on the crackdown of on-line betting in the land of smiles. If you have been trying to make sense what it’s about, continue reading this.

In September, the Thai federal government, via the agent for the office of the Head of state, ordered the ministry to block the numerous casino sites in the country. The ministry was provided the order to work in hand with Thai ISPs as well as mobile operators to obstruct access to a total amount of regarding thousands of websites, who could be penalized by Thailand’s Computer Crime and Gambling Act, if they fail to heed this order.

Thailand’s Strict Betting Act

While numerous countries around the world have actually revised their gambling legislations following the growth of the online gaming market, Thailand never did and is one of the few nations that never allowed online gaming. Nearly every sort of betting and gaming is prohibited in Thailand. Limited exceptions state run lotteries and horse race betting. 

It is much like its conservative neighboring country, where online gambling in Malaysia are considered taboo as well. 

Online gaming in Thailand today

While on the internet gambling companies as well as betting operators cannot develop an operation in Thailand, they use indirect approaches to serve the Thai speaking market. Many of these operators from Thailand, and foreign platforms serve the Thai speaking market by operating overseas, including offshore, to avoid having a physical presence in Thailand. 

Gaming In On the Increase in Thailand

According to a study by Thailand’s Centre for Betting Studies and also Centre for Social as well as Service Development, 57% of the grown-up population in Thailand participated in betting related activities in the past year. In the study, most people claimed to have taken part in the state-run lottery games and other state-run betting such as horse racing.

The ongoing surge in numbers in spite of the rigorous guidelines is baffling to the legislators.

Online Gaming In Thailand: The Situation

Online betting prevails in Thailand regardless of the ban in the country. Currently, no particular laws are touching on on-line gaming, but the state considers it to be illegal

To prevent the constraints of a physical casino, several Thai citizens are using on-line gambling companies like Betsoi. One of the most prominent forms of on-line gambling is football betting. To draw in even more betters, the online casinos use perks like offering bonuses and ‘Free Credits’. 

Direction & Potential of the Thai Gambling Market

Research studies revealed that the legalisation of casino gaming in Thailand would certainly bring about significant revenues in tax. However, it is still thought that the issue will stay off limits for the time being as some quarters are pushing for much more strict measures against all forms of betting and casino related activities in Thailand. 


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How To Increase Your Chances Of Winning With SCR888

How To Increase Your Chances Of Winning With SCR888

How To Increase Your Chances Of Winning With SCR888

As much as we play online games for the entertainment and rush it brings, a major reason is that we want to win and grab that ever-elusive jackpot. There is no need to feel some reservations about this as many other gamers share the same sentiment. What you need to do is research as much as possible on the best ways to win and what you can do to increase your chances of winning.


Now to place your mind at ease, we are going to break down a few ways you can boost your chances of winning. The good news is that it’s not that hard and with the right amount of patience and the use of proven tactics, even an amateur player can hit the jackpot and smile to the bank.

How To Increase Your Chances Of Winning With SCR888

Start by downloading the game

The first thing you want to do is to download the game. You may be wondering exactly how this can help you win but we will explain that now. When the game is downloaded, you tend to always see the app as you scroll along and this means you will be more inclined to play the game often. We all know that the more often you play a game, the higher your chances of winning get boosted so hurry up and download SCR888 now.


Explore the varieties of games available

When you find a game you truly love, you would want to keep playing only that game but then that also decreases your chances of winning whether you like it or not. With over 150 games at your fingertips, why not explore them all until you find more than a few that you win most often at.


Play with bonuses

There are a number of bonuses online readily available for your use. These bonuses are unique to some games and absolutely free of charge. You can use them to play as much as you want and increase your chances of hitting the jackpot. Examples of some of the bonuses available include birthday bonuses, sign up bonuses, referrals bonuses, and more. Some of these bonuses have expiration dates so you may want to use them before they expire and become useless to you. Also, desist from hoarding up your bonuses and ensure that you use all the bonuses you are eligible for on time.


Always play where you are comfortable

A key factor that contributes to whether or not you get to win is your comfort. Some people may not really think about it that way but when you are uncomfortable, you may not be able to focus and think right thus decreasing your chances of winning. Whenever you want to game, find somewhere you can be relaxed and have all your attention solely on your game and the best ways to win.



Now you can stop worrying about whether or not you have what it takes to win at scr888. If you follow these tips we have outlined, in no time you will be smiling to the back with your winnings.