The makeup artist signature makeup

To hire the best makeup artist in Malaysia can be a daunting process especially if this is your first time hiring.

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The best way to hire the makeup artist is by understanding what is their specialization and their I signature makeup look.

I breakdown the list of most common signature makeup style here in Malaysia so that you will understand how they all work.


The Glowing makeup


One of the most popular makeup in Malaysia will be the Glowing makeup look. This is, in fact, the hardest and most complex makeup but looks natural.


There is a saying, “Less is more”, which is exactly the glowing makeup is about.


Glowing makeup can be complicated especially if your skin tone is oily or having a bad skin outbreak. An experienced makeup artist in Malaysia will be able to know the exact formula and right technique to achieve this makeup style.


Focus on nose


Although in Malaysia, the focus on nose makeup is not very popular this is extremely popular in other countries like Indonesia and the US.


To achieve this sharp nose makeup, first, you have to understand that the makeup focus area is pretty much center and with great contrast between the skin tone and the nose.


Focus on eye shadow


The eye shadow focus makeup is very popular in Malaysia. Lots of artist and celebrities love this simple eye shadow focused makeup because they really focus on the most important part of our face, which is the eyes.


In fact, the technique for eye shadow makeup is really to focus on the upper part of the face, especially to focus on the eyes and everything else below the eyes is very minimal.


To achieve this look, the technique for eye shadows, eyelid and eyelashes must be streamlined. The contrast of the eye and coloring technique is extremely important in order to be able to bring out the “eye focused look”


Barbie makeup


Although the Barbie makeup look is not popular here in Malaysia, but it’s very well received in the Indonesia and US.


In fact, this is the #1 makeup choice for brides in Indonesia for many years.


To achieve the Barbie makeup style, the choice of the color tone is extremely important. However, this makeup style is slightly tricky because over-doing this makeup style it will look like as if you have a very thick layer of makeup.


The experienced makeup artist will be able to understand your facial complexion, the tone of your skin and facial condition before putting up the makeup for you.